Building Your Website

Building your website should reflect the essence of your brand and your company.  Here are the important elements needed to build a quality website:

  • It is important that your website continue the use of your brand. Brand consistency will ensure your website is recognizable by your consumers, and will help your new followers engage and learn your brand.
  • Simple is best! Many websites are too cluttered or over thought.  Keep your design clean and simple, something that is visually pleasing, but does not draw away from the main purpose of your site – to have your consumer complete your call to action.
  • Your navigation must be simple and flow easily for your consumers. If you make it difficult to understand, confusion will set in for your consumers and they will not stay on your site.
  • The layout of your website should be visually appealing. The right combination of text and images, well-organized, and tastefully placed call to actions, will give you a site consumers will enjoy visiting.
  • Many businesses neglect to put appropriate content on their websites. However, consumers today want information before making a decision.  It is suggested that every website contain some informational content.
  • Critical to the success of your website is the contact information. This design element must be included.  Make sure you provide all of your contact information – address, email, phone – this will give consumers the feel of a “real person behind the curtain.”

As more consumers conduct their daily lives via the web, it is important for the survival of your business that you have a quality website.  A well-designed site can not only give your consumers the information they want, when they want it, but it can convert them into paying customers.

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