Computer and Electronics Recycling

Over 140,000 computers and laptops are thrown away every day in the U.S.  Less than 15 percent of computers are recycled.  Even with more large retailers and local municipalities providing free drop off services to assist with the demand of properly disposing of electronics, the problem still exists on huge scale.

Easy Computer Systems utilizes old computers and computer parts for testing and developing its systems and properly recycles them once they have reach their end of life.  In Northeast Ohio, free pick-up is available to businesses and residents looking to get rid of their old, broken, and outdated computers and electronic devices. 

Many other small businesses across the country provide similar services to minimize the impact of electronic waste in our landfills.  Some recycling centers may even pay cash for your old computers, check with your local recycler to learn how to properly prepare your electronics for recycling.

Some computers and electronics may be beyond repair, but throwing them in the trash is no longer necessary with the resources available today. 

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