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Computer Recycling in Brunswick Ohio

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Have an old computer or laptop laying around that is non-working or outdated? Don't throw it away... recycle it.

Are you a computer repair shop with old or broken computer parts? Don't throw them in the trash... minimize electronic waste, recycle them.

Easy Computer Systems can recycle your old or broken desktop or laptop computer; business and personal. Other electronic devices that can be recycled include, but not limited to, old or non-working game systems, DVR, network routers & switches, servers, security systems & cameras, and old cell phones.

Millions of pounds of electronic scrap is tossed into the landfills each year.  Help reduce the environmental impact to our landfills by recycling your old computers and electronics.


Please Note: Easy Computer Systems will NOT accept electronics that have been in any type of chemical solution. Any computer or electronic device that has been smashed, crushed or damaged beyond what would be considered normal will not be accepted. Easy Computer Systems reserves the right to refuse any electronic device for any reason. We are NOT accepting televisions, computer monitors, printers, or copiers at this time.  Call (330) 220-7888 for more information.

Dropoff location (by appointment only) at

814 Pearl Rd, Ste A in Brunswick, OH