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Digital Marketing VS Print Marketing

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Okay, so you have a marketing campaign that you need to run. You've got the budget and you know where to spend it. But which medium should you choose? Print media or digital media? Both can be effective, and both have pros and cons. Let's take a closer look...

There are three areas to consider when deciding between digital and print advertising:

Reach: The first question to ask yourself is how many people do you want your message to reach?  Digital marketing has the ability to target specific audiences based on location, age, gender and other demographics.  Print media can only reach those who happen to take notice at the time they happen upon it.  While print media can target specific demographics, it is typically a one and done method with additional cost to run another ad or print more materials.

Both digital and print media have their advantages. We recommend using a combination of digital and print marketing strategies because they tend to work best when used together.

Cost: The second thing to consider is cost--how much does each option cost for reaching your target audience?  Print advertising tends to be more expensive than digital because it requires more work and resources to put your brand or message on and send it into the world via paper products like business cards, flyers, newspapers, etc.  On the other hand, digital ads require less resources and can be created more easily with today's technology tools at a much lower cost.

Speed: The last, but certainly not least important is speed of delivery. Print advertising can require weeks or months of planning where digital marketing can be implemented in days or even hours. Targeting your audience digitally through social media, your website, or email newsletters can complement any marketing campaign giving potential customers real time updates regarding your business and special offers.

Both digital and print media have their advantages.  We recommend using a combination of digital and print marketing strategies because they tend to work best when used together.  Easy Computer Systems can create a custom marketing system for your business that puts you in control and help get the best return from your marketing efforts.

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