Application Overview

EO Manager was developed to help those running an essential oil business to better organize their recipes, inventory, and contacts. Through ongoing development we have added features that include knowledge-based games and an image creator tool to assist with social media marketing.

No matter which company you purchase your essential oils from, or where you get your other supplies, you can customize your product list allowing you to manage your inventory more efficiently.

Popular essential oil product lists may be preloaded by request.

100 essential oil recipes

EO Manager also comes preloaded with 100 essential oil recipes, ready for you to use and even share with others. Add, edit, and delete recipes in this section allows you to customize and organize to your needs.

  • Print & email recipes
  • Add, edit, and delete recipes

Image creator tool

Utilize your creative talents. Create custom images or modify photos with this great tool and save your masterpiece to your computer with a click of a button. Popular options are:

  • Create meme images to share on social media
  • Add text or additional images to photos

EO Manager is available for just $1 per month

Paid annually, we want to make it affordable as possible while we continue to improve this application.
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More About EO Manager

EO Manager was originally created to help organize recipes. Ever try to find a great essential oil recipe only to realize it is lost on a sticky note somewhere? Now you can organize your recipes in one place, no more scraps of paper lying around, or drawers full of recipe blends. Keep all your recipes in one convenient location, quickly enter new recipes, and look up recipes even on the go.

Want to share a recipe? No problem, you can print your recipes or email them - even from your phone!

EO Manager is under constant development. We are adding and improving the application on a regular basis. Feedback we receive from our users is important as we attempt to create additional features and improve the current ones. Contact us and let us know what we can do to improve your experience using EO Manager.

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