Service Overview

Easy Computer Systems provides affordable internet marketing and SEO services to small businesses. Local SEO is probably the most popular among small businesses and can offer the best value and ROI.

As a local small business, having a presence online is almost a necessity in order to remain competitive in today's business world. However, internet marketing is still a very grey area for many small business owners. To add more confusion, some still believe that they can conduct their local internet marketing similar to their large national competitors. Consulting with an internet marketing specialist will help minimize critical mistakes.

Popular Methods

One thing is clear, whether your business is completely online, completely offline or a combination of the two, internet marketing can benefit your business.

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Landing Pages / Lead Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Advertising

Things To Consider

While some internet marketing methods may be free, such as social media, they require time, a creative touch, and careful planning. Outsourcing or paying for this type of service to a professional can provide better results and save you time to focus on your business. Some important things to remember:

  • Keyword research and analytics
  • Create unique graphics, photos and videos
  • Publish quality content with helpful info
  • Consistency is key!

We are so confident in our internet marketing services

If we can not increase your online ranking, website traffic, leads, prospects, or sales for your business within one year we will refund your money. ALL OF IT! - Call (330) 220-7888 for free consultation and quote.

More About Internet Marketing

For years, marketing had a similar analogy to casting ten fishing lines in the water at once to increase the odds of catching something good, and it may of made sense when it came to marketing at one time. However, times are changing, and internet marketing is becoming more complex. A method that has worked for one business may not work for another. Understanding what has changed, current trends, and what methods to use can be difficult for any business to grasp.

With the methods of business advertising ever changing you can increase your success by working with a professional to help manage your internet marketing campaign. Together you can keep up with the trends, determine your target audience, and make necessary changes by evaluating analytics and reports.

"One thing is clear, whether your business is completely online, completely offline or a combination of the two, internet marketing can benefit your business."

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your potential customers are unable to find you online, then they cannot learn about your products or services. SEO involves getting traffic from popular online search engine providers and directories. Basically, your website will communicate with search engines so they can recommend your website during relevant searches.

Content Marketing

Some studies have shown that businesses that have a blog on their website, have more visitors. Useful content will create a better visibility for your business, as visitors to your website will begin sharing your information with others, creating more visitors. The key to any successful blog is well-written content.

Social Media Marketing

What once was thought of as entertainment for the younger generation, has now become the cornerstone of marketing. Social media is now being used by 89% of businesses as part of their business strategy. These businesses have found that they have gained loyal followers, increased partnerships, reduced marketing costs and increased sales.

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