Lead Generation

Opening your email to find ten new sales leads in your inbox is a great way to start the day, right? It is much easier contacting someone that is showing an interest in your product or service. Lead generation is not a new form of marketing, but has evolved over the last several years. A form of inbound marketing, it is a preferred method of gaining customers among business owners in variety of industries. While some form of marketing is a necessary for most businesses, many other methods involve spending a lot of money in the beginning and hoping potential customers will contact you. Lead generation has interested prospects requesting you to contact them, without the expensive upfront costs of traditional advertising.

Why Use Lead Generation?

  • Qualified Prospects: Working together, we can develop a quality program that can take your leads through a verification process so you won't waste time with unqualified prospects. This will insure you spend time with leads that are actually interested in and qualified to purchase your product or service.
  • Target Marketing: With the power of social media and ad targeting software we can focus in on the exact audience looking for your product or service. Some of the most common targeting is by location, income, age groups, profession, etc.
  • Exclusive Leads: Why purchase leads that are sold over and over again to your competition? We create a system where through the entire process your brand is the only one a prosective customer will see. When it comes time to make contact, they are expecting it from you. With our lead system you won't be competing with other companies with the same lead.

Lead generation has become a popular marketing tool over cold calling and other direct marketing tactics for many reasons, but mostly because of its simplicity. A potential customer submits a request to receive information, estimate, or assistance, eliminating the hassle of shopping around. The customer feels like they win by saving time and giving them the best opportunity for a deal. Because the customer is showing interest in a particular product or service they are more likely to buy when presented with a solution that fits their needs, thereby increasing your chances in making the sale.

How Much Does Lead Generation Cost?

Purchasing leads can be a cost effective marketing strategy. Lead costs can vary depending on a variety of criteria, such as location, service type, difficulty obtaining, supply and demand. Because you can choose which leads to buy and how much you want to spend, you can easily budget your campaign. Without the need for a long term commitment or large amount of money to get started, a successful lead generation program is a great way to jumpstart your marketing efforts.

If you are looking to grow your business through marketing, that can provide an excellent return on investment, lead generation is absolutely a method to consider.

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