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web design We won't bore you with a fancy presentation about basic web design services, chances are you have seen a few already. From the DIY free website at big web hosting providers to the neighborhood kid that can throw together a template wordpress site in a day, every type of basic web design option is available at minimal cost.

If a website on a budget is a better fit for you at this time, contact us about our premium 3-page responsive website for only $79.

For businesses seeking to build their online reputation and ready to invest in a website beyond the basics, we provide one-on-one web consulting services to create a strategy and vision that will best fit your unique business.

HTML Website or Wordpress?

Over half of the websites published today are using a Wordpress platform. Other popular applications would include Joomla, Drupal and Magento.

Custom HTML sites may allow for greater flexibility, expansion, and speed. Using a popular website application may require some training, however, updating website content can be easier, and website templates, website tools, and plugins are plentiful.

Beyond The Website

Some other things you may need to consider, and require configuration, when purchasing a web design service may include:

  • Domain name
  • Website hosting & email
  • Security: SSL cert, monitoring, security scans
  • Content: articles, images, photos, videos
  • SEO / marketing

Need a website with 1 page or 100 pages, we can build it!

With all the web designers in the world today, you have many options to choose from. Give us a call (330) 220-7888 and let us show you the difference.

Another Option For Your Business Website

Renting or leasing a website may also be an option for your business. Easy Computer Systems would handle everything for you, rates vary starting at only $29 per month.

This option may not be a good fit for all businesses but is an affordable alternative for those having complex requirements and just starting out, or on a tight budget, and gives you the option to purchase the website at a later time.

Example: A small business that is interested in a custom 50-page website and looking to create a large online footprint with a blog, local or niche SEO, and custom content would spend over $2000. With a lease option, a similar site may cost only $160 per month and include an SSL, website hosting, security monitoring, and more!

We would love to help you with a business website today...

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