Service Overview

web hostingHost your website with Easy Computer Systems without the need for technical knowledge. Affordable managed web hosting services for your business website, data, and web applications.

Our managed services include regular monitoring to ensure uptime and alert of potential errors, updates, and threats. Whether you need a simple hosting platform for your website or a dedicated server for a complex business applicaton, Easy Computer Systems can provide you with a reliable web hosting option for your business.

Online or Offline Data Storage

Also referred as hot and cold storage. Are youl ooking for a secure and affordable off-site way to store your business data? Some popular requests include:

  • Secure transfer options
  • Offline storage (access by request)
  • Online storage (24/7 access)
  • Online/Offline (access within specific times)


Just like a library needs shelves for books to rest, your business data needs a the right infrastructure that is scalable and secure. Easy Computer Systems can build a compatible solution with an easy-to-use interface that makes your data available when you need it.

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More About Web Hosting

Most think of web hosting as a way to publish their website. With the mass development of simple applications across the internet, a basic website can be created and published on a free platform with a few simple uploads and clicks of the mouse.

Think beyond the basic website. As your business grows, staying organized can become your biggest obstacle or finest asset. The right web hosting solution combined with your own business application can grow with your business and scale as needed.

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