Service Overview

website monitoring Website monitoring is used to help verify that users can access your website. The importance of uptime, performance, and functionality are vital for any successful business website.

A monitoring service is also the first step in protecting your business website, alerting you when your site goes down or when changes are made to important files. Receiving notification of changes to your website or your site going offline could be a small glitch or it may help protect your website from falling into the wrong hands for an extended period of time.

Get Notified 24/7

Suspicious activity on your website can mean a variety of things, but if you are unaware of the activity, you can not take action! When your website is hacked some common things that can happen are:

  • Web pages are changed
  • Malware or virus added
  • Scripts, images, or links modified
  • Your website may be taken offline

Why Risk It

For only $1 a month (paid annually) your website is monitored 24/7. Upon noticing unexpected downtime or modifications to your site, you are alerted by email. Time is critical if your website is compromised. Website monitoring can alert you of more serious threats and allow you to:

  • Protect your website visitors
  • Quarantine or block access to intruders
  • Take action to protect your website
  • Consider additional website security

We monitor your website 24/7

Never be caught off guard by a website attack. Receive alerts when your website goes offline or if web pages are updated without your knowledge. Only $1 a month (paid annually).

Website Watchers


  • ♦ Website up/down and speed load checked every hour
  • ♦ Monitor for changes to web pages, up to 20 pages daily

Just $1 a month ($12 annually). Pay nothing now, we will email your invoice upon processing your request. For faster service or additional information please call (330) 220-7888, Mon-Fri 9am-4pm eastern.

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