Service Overview

Website security involves a series of initial vulnerability scans, site analysis, reviewing website logs, website monitoring and more.

With over 4 billion internet users, and more than 130 websites infected daily with malware, it is time to take website security seriously!

No matter the size of your business, or even the type of business, your website is vulnerable to attack. Hackers have become more sophisticated, challenging even small businesses to keep their website more secure.

We Check It Daily

Have you considered what would happen to your business if your website was attacked? Many business websites are under attacked all the time without their owners even realizing it. We check your site daily (more often if a threat is persistent) for:

  • Suspicious activities
  • Web page vulnerabilities
  • Unauthorized hotlinking
  • Malware or viruses
  • Hack & brute force attempts

Website Monitoring

Website security begins with website monitoring for changes to web pages, scripts, and directories and notifying you of a possible threat. If a threat is found, time is critical and upon detection we can:

  • Block the threat
  • Perform an immediate website / server scan
  • Quarantine or remove any vulnerabilities
  • Recommend fixes to prevent future attacks
  • Review access & visitor logs
  • Implement additional security measures

Your website IS an important business asset

The fact is that many businesses fail to see their website as an important business asset, until it goes down or worse, becomes hacked and infected! The cost of an attack could be devastating to the success of your business!


FTP or cPanel access would be requried in order to perform full website scans for threats or vulnerabilities. cPanel access is needed to analyze access and visitor log reports.

No hosting account access is necessary for basic website monitoring or to alert of website file changes.

This is an additional service and not included as part of the initial monthly fee. We do provide additional services to assist in fixing infected websites and offer web development services to assist with repairing website vulnerabilities.

If you still have access to your cPanel we can help. Contact your hosting provider if you can no longer access your website by FTP or cPanel.

Website security services are available starting at $24.95 a month. Website scans, vulnerability testing, and analysis reports are also available. Give us a call at (330) 220-7888 for more information on how to start protecting your website.

Helpful Tips

Website Backup

One of the best proactive methods to reducing the impact of a website attack is to regularly backup your website. This is an affordable service that will save you a lot of time and money if your site is lost or becomes corrupt.

Data Management

Beyond just the website files, some websites may include one or more databases that store content, important information, and sensitive data. Protecting databases and performing regular backups are just as important.

Shared Hosting vs VPS

Opting for a shared website hosting account is the most affordable type of hosting you can buy. Unfortunately, it is the least secure. If your website or database contains sensitive or important data, consider going with a VPS (virtual private server).

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