Why Would a Hacker Attack My Website?

You are not alone – thousands of businesses and website owners sit and think, why would a hacker attack my little site?  There is nothing they could possible gain from gaining access to my site and its resources.

While this thinking may have been true years ago, it is far from the truth today.  In fact, recent statistics have indicated that hackers prefer to go after the smaller business website.  Why?  Simple – it is usually wide open for them to take advantage of.

Today, there are a million reasons why a hacker would go after your website and conduct a host of “bad” things that will be to their advantage – not yours!  This could include installing and running their own suspicious programs on your server, harvesting data you store or gather, and even utilizing your bandwidth for their gain.  Every step a hacker takes once into your hosting, will benefit them in every way!

Here are just a few ways a hacker can benefit from access to your website, hosting, and server:

  • Many business websites today have a ton of processing power, more than most businesses use or need. A hacker can take advantage of this power, by running their own programs on your hosting account.  This will take processing power away from your website.
  • Since cryptocurrency has become so popular, many hackers have found ways to access business website hosting and add their crypto mining tools. This compromise will not only pull resources away from your website, but can cost thousands of dollars in energy costs, causing you financial drain, and even being shut down by your providers.
  • Most likely you have a great reputation online. Your clean reputation is something that hackers will go after to leverage malicious pages that will not only damage your reputation but will harm your customers and potential customers visiting your website.

Injecting spam links, hosting phishing pages, sending spam emails, adding malicious content, and even attacking other websites are all devasting activities that a hacker may do once they gain control of your website, hosting, or server. 

It is critical that you monitor your website assets daily to make sure that these creative hackers do not gain control of your site!

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