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Managed Website Hosting

Dealing with website maintenance, hosting, content updates, plugin updates and more is a daunting and time consuming task.  In order to maximize your exposure online, your website must be analyzed on a consistent basis, with improvements implemented accordingly.

Website maintenance activities can include quality control, feedback monitoring, performance monitoring, infrastructure maintenance, routine maintenance, and risk control.  Ensuring that your hosting provider has a backup and maintenance plan in place can save you valuable time in the event your site is compromised.  Protect your business and website by planning your maintenance and hosting accordingly.

Here are a few key elements to review when looking at managed web hosting:

  • Website maintenance – maintenance of your website must be done on a regular basis, in order to keep your website up-to-date and running smoothly.  Regular maintenance includes updating information, updating programs and systems (such as content management systems) that run on the backend of your website, installing new tools, and monitoring security.  If you have a security threat, emergency maintenance will be required, which may include making your site temporarily unavailable until the threat is resolved.  Regular maintenance is critical to the health of your website and if left undone can cause your website to become outdated, slow and even nonfunctional.
  • Managed Website hosting – hosting service is where your domain name is “parked,” or where your website will be hosted.  This allows your website to be viewed by the public.  
  • Plugin updates – many websites use plugins, which is a piece of software that gives your website additional functionality.  Plugins also require maintenance and updates on a regular basis.  Similar to your website maintenance mentioned above, plugin maintenance and updates can be critical to the health of your website if not done, causing compatibility and optimization issues.

When you put your managed web hosting in the hands of a company like Easy Computer Systems, you will never need to worry about website maintenance, back-ups, or hosting service again.